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"Logistics is a dynamic and innovative industry, Movinlog since 2006 has been gathering challenges and stimuli to reshape the future"

One logistics partner for all your company's needs

About Us

Movinlog is a dynamic Reggio Emilia-based company with decades of experience in warehouse outsourcing management, specializing in designing the best handling and logistics solutions throughout northern Italy.

We are able to propose integrated and customized solutions for different sectors, ensuring the readiness and flexibility that the market requires. We have a modern vertical and process-oriented view of the system-business: dealing with handling and logistics means not only managing personnel and moving goods but also planning, implementing and controlling dynamics that are fundamental to increasing performance in multiple aspects.

We don't just want to keep up with the times. We want to anticipate them. Our structure includes a business unit with targeted consulting activities to optimize processes, make activities smoother, reorganize space, and rationalize the warehouse by providing method and technological tools to start the new path. This engineering office supports the operations department of more than 700 resources employed in outsourced warehouse management.

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Movinlog offre un servizio
strutturato e affidabile dalla A alla Z


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Gestione magazzino

Scopri di più
2006 2006


Movinlog was founded as a cooperative in 2006 in Reggio Emilia, from the experience of logistics specialists who saw how organizational and managerial activities governing material flows and related information were increasingly taking on a strategic role for every business sector. Movin evokes dynamism as well as movement, an ever-evolving business that grows and develops new departments. Log as in logistics, log as in logic. Because not all problems present simple solutions, but Movinlog always has the most logical ones that are ideal for your business.

2018 2018

Movinlog manages warehouses and coordinates logistics activities, but it does so by bringing the unquestionable added value of those who have chosen to start again from the method: a global and strategically oriented vision, to be placed upstream of any practical intervention. Therefore, in 2018 it becomes an S.p.A. to pursue further goals and make the most of the exponential growth that had been triggered. The main purpose remains to bring to the logistics sector in Northern Italy a new and complete dimension, not only related to warehousing and goods handling, but also providing consulting and developing in-house technologies.


Movinlog's departments are organized not only to function harmoniously, but to grow and be a point of reference for Customers. A functional, clear, and shared organizational chart helps align all energies with business goals and makes the company solid and well-structured.

In order to achieve new goals, first of all people, bring enthusiasm, fellowship and a solid work culture.

Claudio Azzalin

Claudio Azzalin

Maurizio Errico

Maurizio Errico

Francesco Catellani

Francesco Catellani

Business Case & Eng. Dev.
Enrico Guerrieri

Enrico Guerrieri

Engineering Department
Victoria Carlone

Victoria Carlone

Sales & Marketing
Roberto Fossa

Roberto Fossa

Business & Market developer


At Movinlog, we create a shared corporate culture every day in which to reflect ourselves.

Customer centricity

I nostri Clienti possono contare su un team di professionisti dedicato, pronto ad ascoltare ogni richiesta e dare risposte rapide e precise e a proporti soluzioni personalizzate.

Innovazione consapevole

Movinlog crede nelle potenzialità di diventare un polo di logistica 4.0 con ritmi produttivi migliorati e flussi logistici sostenibili.


Un servizio di outsourcing può definirsi completo e qualitativamente impeccabile solo quando è in grado di soddisfare le esigenze della Clientela preservando dati sensibili, tutelando la sicurezza dell’ambiente e la salute dei lavoratori.

Green attitude

Sostiamo la progressiva dematerializzazione dei documenti, grazie all’introduzione del servizio di fatturazione elettronica e archiviazione digitale nel sistema CRM e nella piattaforma intranet. Inoltre, l’uso di elettricità e carburante in warehouse è ridotto grazie a percorsi ottimizzati.


Operiamo nel pieno rispetto della trasparenza e affidabilità per garantire il completo rispetto della burocrazia e la genuinità dell’appalto come, ad esempio: la sussistenza del rischio di impresa, l’autonomia organizzativa ed imprenditoriale in capo all’appaltatore, l’assenza di interferenze lavorative tra il personale dell’appaltatore e del committente, il corretto impiego di macchine ed attrezzature e tutti gli aspetti legali necessari.


In order to provide evidence of performance capabilities, it was determined in Movinlog that an integrated management system compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 was implemented, which in addition to addressing the efficiency of its internal organization, ensures that procedures necessary to interact with the Customer and Interested Parties are defined and implemented.

We have the tailored solution for your company's logistics.