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"Everything that is measurable is improvable, everything that can be improved can only be done through a method."

Logistics consulting and direct warehouse management services

Movinlog develops innovative and integrated solutions for organizational and handling optimization of all handling and logistics activities.

Increasing competitiveness

The use of dedicated solutions creates value for the entire enterprise: when more efficient the dynamics related to logistics, there are performance gains and economic benefits.

Reducing waste

Company-Customer evaluation includes data analysis, feasibility studies and simulations: defining improvement objectives concretely attainable allows the results obtained not to be compromised.

Bringing flexibility

To deal with changes and unforeseen events, it is necessary to adapt to the evolution of the industry in a timely manner. Precisely, having a structure that is resilient but also able to anticipate the scenario.

Corporate reputation

Choosing to optimize logistics positively affects the credibility of the company: it represents what puts it in the target market, and connects it to its end users.

Manage unsold

Movinlog, with its warehouse optimization strategy, is committed to lowering costs by adequately supplying the distribution chain and containing as much as possible the amount of unsold inventory.

Dedicated specialized team

When done right, logistics outsourcing is nothing more than an in-house service managed by a dedicated team! Each Client can count on a tailor-made project developed by our engineering team that will follow every step.

Controlling costs

Targeted choices and forward-looking programmatic insights enable the Enterprise-Client to have all the tools and methodologies to continue to grow consciously while keeping expenses under control.

Increasing technologies

In order to be competitive, it is necessary to take advantage of all the opportunities made available by technology.We have developed tools that will make it possible to simplify operations and monitor the results achieved in a timely manner.

Movinlog Consulting

Logistics consulting

We define the stages of a consulting strategy aimed at creating value for the entire company: when a reality is made more efficient in terms of handling and logistics, there are performance gains and economic advantages.

By guaranteeing speed, flexibility, respect for lead times and transparent economic conditions, Movinlog's consulting services have optimized the production and logistics processes of many companies in Northern Italy, reengineering structures and procedures, containing waste and bringing otherwise unthinkable economic benefits.

From transportation to storage, Movinlog represents a single logistics contact through specific services

Integrated logistics

We offer outsourced services or in-house for all departments complementary to the production

Handling and storage

We handle with the utmost accuracy and speed of the goods we take delivery of

Quality control and tracking

Each activity is mapped and tracked with quantitative and qualitative indicators that provide timely analysis of the results achieved

Consulting and design

We develop complex, customized projects that require established engineering skills

Packaging and wrapping

We deal with end-of-line activities and product packaging in full compliance with the agreed delivery

Reverse logistics

We develop complex, customized projects that require established engineering skills

Direct warehouse management

We constantly listen to the Client, through data analysis and operational proposals, which may also involve warehouse layout design, racking verification, mapping and redesign of processes and workflows, with subsequent costing.

Logistics software

We have an Intranet platform shared with Clients where many operations such as streamlining processes and operational flows can be carried out through customized management software. It represents an important investment in transparency, professionalism and privacy protection.

We develop intelligent tracking systems for logistics hubs and data analysis. They are designed to uniquely locate goods and optimize handling activities and logistics flows. We use different technologies (including RFID UWB GPS), to return a flexible solution adapted to specific needs.

We have the tailored solution for your Company's logistics.