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"Experiencing change as an opportunity for growth is the right way forward for a forward-looking company!"

Engineering approach

In 2017 we incorporated a special engineering department within our staff, in order to timely and consciously probe all opportunities offered by technological investments, and at the same time monitor the results obtained by all clients. Having a dedicated department means for our Clients to create competitiveness: setting new goals and reviewing procedures is a necessary but not (anymore) sufficient condition. Movinlog's extremely innovative vision has enabled our engineers to completely redefine the viewpoint of business consulting, introducing the concept of Reengineering 4.0.

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Our goal is to continue to promote the best side of change: innovation. Here are the innovative tools used:

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A warehouse management software, in the form of a Warehouse Management System, is a smart solution for digitizing documents and making communications more efficient. Once logged in, numerous real-time operations can be performed directly from the terminal thanks to a dynamic and intuitive dashboard:

Download documents

Transmit and archive invoices

Receive regulatory updates

View human resource profiles (contribution aspects, qualifications and occupational safety)

Manage claims (file status check, up to relative settlement)

Manage litigation and complaints

Submit specific requests


Movinlog offers value-added services through the introduction of the measurement of Key Performance Indicators, or Key Performance Indicators, which enable improved member performance and claims management. Through them, companies can understand whether their set business goals are actually being met.

Simultaneous real-time monitoring of various digitized processes, which can be directly managed by the Client, makes it possible to streamline working time, resolve critical issues and complete each file, providing additional data for performance measurement. In addition, useful parameters can be established to achieve ever-higher standards on the claims management side.

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UPPY is a custom tracking software developed by Movinlog whose purpose is to show in a digital key the performance of the newly introduced solution, highlighting and confirming whether what the contract stipulates has been put into practice. UPPY is a tracking system that can be customized according to the Customer's needs, it takes care of tracking goods within the logistics hub in real time to be aware of everything that happens and to organize orders and goods handling. Uppy, through the best management to reduce costs and increase the performance of your business, will also give added value to the end consumer in terms of speed and service.

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Nostro obiettivo è continuare a promuovere il lato migliore del cambiamento: l’innovazione. Ecco gli strumenti innovativi utilizzati:

In every detail, the design we propose is the result of solid engineering foundations. Movinlog's commitment is to seek the most innovative solutions, always keeping up with the technologies on the market.